Agents of Discovery is at Scout Island and the River Valley Trail!


Have you heard of the super-secret Agents of Discovery mobile app? The game is downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play and then played at participating locations or “Mission Sites” across North America!  Agents of Discovery requires no WiFi or data connection while playing the mobile game.

How do you get started?

  1. With WiFi access, download the Agents of Discovery mobile app;
  2. With WiFi access, download the current Mission Sites for Williams Lake: Scout Island and the River Valley trail;
  3. Do all of this before you head to the Nature Centre or River Valley. Be sure you understand how the app works before you go so you don’t have to spend too much time looking at your phone instead of at nature.
  4. Head to a Mission Site and get ready for adventure, intrigue, and a whole lot of fun;
  5. Look at the map that shows where all of the challenges are. You don’t have to do them in any order or all in one day.  Take the trail that interests you and do the challenges along that trail.
  6. Let’s play! At the Mission site make sure your mobile device has it’s GPS on and that it vibrates or makes a sound. This will tell when you are near a challenge without you having to look at your phone.  Remember, you don’t want to miss what is happening around you.  You need your “Owl Eyes” open and ready for anything that comes across your path.  Don’t be looking at your phone just as a short tailed weasel flits by.
  7. Tuck your mobile device in your pocket and enjoy the outdoors. When you are at or near a challenge your mobile device will let you know. Then you can stop and take the challenge.

To learn more call the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex at 250-398-7665.

Or let Scout Island know how you like it and if you have ideas of how we can make it better.  Perhaps you want to help us make a spring summer set of challenges.

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